Authority Information Retailers

Client: Authority Information Retailers
Objective: Increase revenue and profit margin by creating two product offerings and optimising, automating, and outsourcing those product offerings
Tasks Undertaken:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation
  2. Conversion Rate Optimisation
  3. Conversion Optimised Website Design
  4. Business Process Automation
  5. Business Process Outsourcing

The Process:

  1. Increase traffic to affiliate offerings through SEO
  2. Optimise conversion rate of affiliate offerings through conversion rate optimisation
  3. Systematise and outsource business processes
  4. Test various product offerings for the highest ROI
  5. Develop product offerings
  6. Create conversion optimised website design
  7. Increase conversion rates and profitability for product offerings
  8. Systematise and automate product offerings
  9. Outsource all non-automated roles

Status: Ongoing


Authority Information Retailers

This project started in February 2013 as purely an SEO based project. The client managed a series of affiliate websites they wished to increase traffic to and we were contracted to help them do that.

As the search engine rankings steadily increased, traffic rose from a few hundred visitors per month to nearly 50,000 visitors in a day.

With all this traffic, the client became aware of the benefits of conversion rate optimisation and how it could benefit their bottom line, we were engaged to undertake conversion rate optimisation testing.

Our conversion testing resulted in a 107% increase in click-through-rate to the affiliate offer.

As the profit margin increased, the client became aware of how much money was being taken by the affiliate managers and asked us to do an analysis on the profitability of them developing their own products. The analysis results were favourable so we were contracted to:

  1. Develop the product offerings
  2. Design the websites
  3. Systematise the business processes
  4. Automate the processes that could be automated and outsource the ones that couldn’t
  5. Find and hire suitable employees
  6. Train employees
  7. Manage the business
  8. Maintain SEO and continue with conversion rate optimisation

This business quickly grew from one person to over 14 staff in 8 countries on 4 continents and generated just over three quarters of a million dollars in revenue.

We are continuing to work in and on this business whilst the client is travelling across Europe to raise money for charity.