AV Family Lawyers


Client: AV Lawyers
Objective: Generate new leads through SEO and conversion optimised micro site
Tasks undertaken:

  1. Conversion optimised website design
  2. Search Engine Optimisation
  3. Conversion Rate Optimisation

The Process:

  1. Initial consultation with client about ideal customer needs and wants
  2. Develop microsite design based on ideal customer needs and wants
  3. Commence search engine optimisation on micro site
  4. Maintain search engine optimisation on micro site until it achieves sufficient traffic to allow for thorough conversion testing
  5. Test and tweak micro site design to optimise ideal customer conversion rate

Status: Completed conversion optimised microsite design. Waiting on site to be deployed before commencing search engine optimisation.


AV Lawyers Lead Generation

The project was started in August 2014 with the purpose of increasing the number of qualified leads received by AV Lawyers. After consulting with the client, it was decided that the most effective strategy for this project was to create a series of micro sites, each targeting a different area of law as to allow us to optimise each site for the different ideal customers.

To reduce waste, it was decided that one site would created, ranked, and tested and once it was optimised and producing a sufficiently high level of conversion, the strategy would be replicated across the other areas of law.

Initial conversations commenced about the needs, desires, wants, fears, and anxieties of the ideal customer and based on that, a conversion optimised website design was generated.

AV Family Law Microsite Concept

(click here to see working concept)

This concept is currently being cut and polished into the final initial version of the website which will be deployed in September 2014.

Once this site is live, we will commence search engine optimisation work on this site.