How to rank No.1 in the Google Search Results

Despite what most Search Engine Optimisers might try and tell you, the formula for ranking #1 in the Google Search Results is quite simple.

The formula is: 1 + 1

All you need to rank #1 is to match the website that is currently #1 and then beat it by 1%. #1 + 1% = a new #1 🙂

  • 1% more links from 1% better sites
  • 1% more optimised text
  • 1% better interlinking
  • 1% faster website
  • 1% more engaging website
  • 1% more co-citations
  • 1% more lower bounce rate
  • 1% more social mentions
  • 1% more…
  • 1% more…
  • 1% more…

You see, there isn’t an exact amount of links of an exact anchor text ratio or an exact way to structure the headings on your website to guarantee you the #1 spot on Google for any given search term.

Google doesn’t work that way.

If it did, there would be some search terms that had no sites ranking #1 and plenty of search terms with HUNDREDS of sites ranking #1. THAT would be weird, wouldn’t it?

You’d Google some terms and have to scroll through to page 5 to see your first results and other search results would have 27 sites stretched across the page in the no.1 position.

“But how do you do this?” That’s a good question.

We’ve ranked hundreds of sites in the no.1 position and this is the process that we go through with all of them:

  1. Google the search term you want to rank #1 for
  2. Investigate the backlink profile and on-site metrics of the website ranking #1
  3. Compare them to your websites backlink profile and on-site metrics
  4. Change your on-site metrics till they’re 1% better than the site at #1
  5. Acquire backlinks till you have 1% more than the site ranking #1
  6. Laugh all the way to the bank… 🙂


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